gemma jones

Holistic Body Healing, Energy Healing, Meditation & Holistic life coaching, Ayurveda

Gemma's belief is that we are all unique so when it comes to our health and happiness we should be treated as such, there is no 'one size fits all'.

Gemma uses a synergistic blend of holistic practices that treat the mind, body, emotions & spiritual aspects, by tapping into the inner intelligence of the body and re-igniting the ability to self heal Gemma assists you in bringing harmony and equilibrium back to your whole being.

Gemma is the Creator of the concept and Organiser of Green Wellbeing and the Wellbeing Morning.


phiona hutton

Divine Interpreter, Seer & Oracle, Elder Priestess, Healer

Phiona is the Founder Elder Priestess of the Sisters of the Mists and has long been teaching of the Feminine Divine and the sacredness of our being as women as holder of the Chalice of life and as Vessel of the Divine Source. Trained in modern day Holistic therapy, her gift is of Divine Interpreter of the Great Mother and the female energy here upon our earth. She holds the gifts of the Seer and Oracle and speaks truths that have long been forgotten.

Phiona works tirelessly on the empowerment of women and advocating the power all female beings hold within them. Awakening and guiding the journey of women around the world to empower their true self and the embodiment of all being a woman means.


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