about me

Hi Im Gemma, I am a trained practitioner of Esoteric Healing, I have diplomas in Ayurveda and the Law of Attraction and I am continually studying to be able to bring Ageless Wisdom to you.


I am a mother and step mother and cat enthusiast, I am predominantly kapha so I love to nurture, nourish and feed you in any way I can. Here is a little bit about me and how I came to find my soul path.....


I first noticed my Healing Journey had began when I was pregnant with my daughter, using hypnobirthing methods my pregnancy and birth were thoroughly enjoyable and I gave birth to my daughter naturally with no intervention.

Although I have always been an intuitive person this was the time when I began to connect the dots and see life and the world with a different perspective.

Around 1 years later after being told by a very intuitive friend that I should be healing I decided to do a bit of research about it and coincidently there happened to be a healing course beginning the following week in the town where I lived. I took this as a sign and embarked on my journey.

I went through a tremendous amount of self growth through the two years of training, I have learned how important self care is for us all and have found who I really am as a soul. The healing itself  I took to naturally, sensing the vibration of the energy from day one. I knew from that moment that I had found my purpose and that I would spend this life time sharing the healing work with others.

I happened across Ayurveda when I told a friend about how I had been suffering with a hormone imbalance, She told me about Ayurveda and how it uses food as medicine and how an Ayurvedic Doctor could help me, as I have always preffered natural healing methods I felt compelled to see the Doctor myseIf. I was amazed when a week into my treatment I could feel the changes in my body, within three months my cycles had regulated and my moods had balanced. I knew then that I had to help to bring Ayurveda to more people so I signed up to My Doctors training course. Now qualified I am able to share Ayurveda with you.

I set up the Wellbeing Morning in April 2019 after finding out that my mum had been given quite a serious health diagnosis. As a believer that natural remedies and energetic healing are more beneficial for the body and being I wanted to bring as much knowledge of what practices are out there as alternatives or complimentary to people without the cost and in a safe space. I believe that we all hold knowledge that we learn through life experiences and by coming together to share we can help each other to grow.

Introducing the Law of Attraction into my work was the next obvious step,

I am passionate about all things energy and this gives another dimension

of working with our vibrations.

Around the time that I set up the Wellbeing Morning I noticed how I had been planning a life in my head and that slowly it was becoming a reality,

I was met with another urge to explore further how

I can bring this to others to help them to use this skill in their lives too.

Outside of my work I enjoy nature in every form - the sea, rivers, forests, the sun, rain and wind. Walking, Continuing the connection with my soul through meditation, cooking vegan food, time with my family, gardening and tending to my house plants and creativity of various mediums

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