Ayurveda Life Coaching Session



What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is one of the worlds oldest natural healing systems. Its Sanskrit meaning is Ayur - Life, Veda - Knowledge.

Ayurveda helps us to heal by recognising the rhythms of nature and by addressing us as unique individual beings.

Ayurveda is based on principles that we are all made up of differing quantities of the elements Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether.

It is these differing quantities that make us unique - Our Doshas.

Each of us will find health and healing when we learn what our unique make up is and how to bring it in to balance.

Ayurveda uses only natural methods such as food, daily routines & rituals and herbs. One way to see Ayurveda is creating strong healthly foundations.

My approach with Ayurveda is to help you identify your Dosha (unique constitution) and how to bring and keep it in balance. I will provide you with the right "tools" to assist you in rectifying or building your strong foundations for an in-tune, happy, and healthy life.

What Happens at an Ayurvedic Lifecoaching Consultation?

Your consultation will take around 1 hour and is purely a fact finding process.

To assist you in making changes and to adpoting the right lifestyle choices I will need to know everything about you as an individual. We will discuss your daily routines, eating habits, stress factors and moods then I will put together a lifestyle guide tailored uniquely for you.

If you are suffering from any illness or dis-ease we can also look to find the cause and set you on the right path to healing.

What Happens Next?

 We will schedule a follow up appointment and in the meantime I will put together a lifestyle guide that is tailored uniquely to you and your dosha. I will be at the end of the phone for whenever you need advice or further guidance.

When will I see the Benefits of My Treatment Plan?

As Ayurveda is tailored to the individual each person's journey will also be individual.

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