Esoteric Healing

What is Esoteric Healing ?

The word Esoteric means "that which cannot be seen by many"

This form of healing works within the energy field of the individual, sensing the vibration of not only the physical body, but the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies as well, identifying and rectifying any imbalance or blockage.

What Happens at an Esoteric Healing Session?

We will begin the session by discussing your needs and expectations, then  sitting comfortably you will be asked to completely relax.

Esoteric Healing is "hands off" (meaning that I do not touch you), as the vibration of energy flowing through you is sensed within your energy field.

Once the healing has come to an end we will discuss what was discovered and what it may mean to you.

The outcome of, and the session itself are entirely your own healing journey, I work purely as a conduit and through soul alignment I am able to assist in directing the energy to where it is needed.

Esoteric Healing is always offered, never forced.

What Happens After an Esoteric Healing Session? How Will I feel?


Esoteric Healing usually induces a deep sense of calm and relaxation, some people feel eneregised, or feel lighter. 

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