Ayurveda Massage Therapies

Prishta Abhyanga - Ultimate relaxation back massage

£45 1 hour

  A holistic back massage aimed entirely at helping you to relax and unwind. With the use of hot oils and ancient Ayurvedic strokes you will be feeling relaxed and ready to take on the world.

Basti Abhyanga - Targeted back massage*

£37 45 minutes

Another Ayurvedic treatment working on the skin above the area of pain or discomfort, a well of dough is applied and filled with medicated oils to penetrate directly to the problem area. This is a great treatment for upper and lower back aches, sciatica, inflammation, osteoarthritis, neck pain and more.

Nabhi Abhyanga - Digestive Aid Massage*

£45 1 hour

This massage can help with many digestive issues, all the strokes flow with the digestive system and help to awaken and unblock any sluggish energy. Powerful at helping constipation, Obesity and weight gain, IBS, diabetes, high cholesterol and fatigue.

Marma Energy Point Therapy*

£37 45 minutes

Using pressure on specific energy points on the body this treatment helps to increase the natural release of feel good hormones thus improving your mood, helping with pain, re-balancing hormones and even improving sleep.

This is a great treatment for rejuvenating the entire body, mind, emotions and spirit.

Marma face therapy*

£37 45 minutes

- The benefits of Marma therapy are endless, this treatment works only with pressure applied to energy points on the face but these points relate to different bodily functions and systems so the whole body benefits.

This treatment works for acidity in the digestive system, migraine, hormonal issues, reproductive health, sensory organ issues, foggy head, hyperactive disorders and many more.

Nasya therapy*

£37 45 minutes

This treatment involves steaming and massaging of the face and the application of oil into the nostrils penetrating straight to the nervous system. Although it may not sound so appealing its benefits are generous.

It is great for insomnia and anxiety, as well as for headaches, asthma, hay fever, sensory organ complaints i.e. tinnitus, fatigue, foggy head and many many more. it is even anti-aging. It has a powerful ability to regulate energy flow in the head and neck area.

* It is important that we discuss your general health and wellbeing before initiating a physical treatment. Please request a call before booking any of the above treatments with an *

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