Green Wellbeing is about bringing likeminded people together.

It is a safe space for those who are on a path of growth, learning and expansion.

Through coming together to share life experience, and to support each other we grow as individuals as well as a collective.

Green Wellbeing is the home of a weekly Wellbeing Morning in Emsworth as well as a Directory and Members area of Therapists, Coaches, Practitioners and Friends who you can communicate with and may be of benefit to you on your path.

Green Wellbeing was birthed from an Energy Healing session where the colour and the ethos were given as a message.

Green is a colour that is associated with nature as well as with healing and both aspects are present in the intention that Green Wellbeing holds.

Nature can be a great teacher and we can learn so much from in-tuning

ourselves with Mother Earth.


The Heart Centre is associated with the colour green and is the central hub of our bodies, it is the place where our masculine and feminine and our human and divine energies meet. 

We welcome you to become a part of High Vibrational Community.



The Directory is a new feature to Green Wellbeing, the intention is that it will house
contact details of many Practitioners and Therapists as well as others who see themselves more as Guides and Mentors.
The Directory is here to help you to connect with People you feel may help you on
your path or Growth.
Many of the Guest Speakers from the Wellbeing Morning are listed so if you missed a talk or wanted to reach out to them you can do so.
If you would like to be added to the Directory you can find out how to do so here...


The Members Area is the hub of the Green Wellbeing Community, by joining you will be helping to bring a larger group of like-minded people together, assisting each other to learn and grow.

wellbeing morning

Every Friday (term time only) we hold a wellbeing morning where the purpose is to share knowledge and experience of health, healing & wellbeing.

We offer free Esoteric Healing sessions, have weekly guest speakers & demos and provide drinks and snacks.


Start time 9.45

Guest speaker 10am - 11am

Esoteric Healing 11am onwards

You can attend all of just a part of the morning.

Free to all, donations towards running costs are warmly welcomed.

UP-Coming Guest Speakers

The Wellbeing Morning has been postponed due to the Corona Virus Outbreak, Below are the dates of future guest speakers but it is not certain at this time when we will be open again.

We hope that you are staying safe and well at home and that the uncertain times we find ourselves in are not causing you too much worry.


1st - Sound Bath with Kordula

8th - CLOSED - Bank Holiday

15th - An Introduction to Energy Healing with Gemma Jones

22nd What is Osteopathy with James Bisson

Find Us

The Wellbeing Morning is held at The Hayloft

Palmers Road, Emsworth, PO10 7DL



" I had a great experience at Green Wellbeing. Very friendly and welcoming and opening the door on a wealth of knowledge! I look forward to going back x"
— Katy Jaye
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